Voltage regulator

  • Electric voltage regulator

    Electric voltage regulator

    TEDGZ, TESGZ series single, three-phase high-power column type electric voltage regulator, is our company combined with the market demand to develop design, production of high-power column type voltage regulator new products, to meet the needs of the majority of users.The column type electric voltage regulator has no distortion of the output voltage waveform. The column type electric voltage regulator adopts electric operating mechanism, which can operate in a closed loop at a long distance a...

  • Column type electric regulator

    Column type electric regulator

    Regulators–Product Overview (TEDGZ, TESGZ series single, three-phase high-power electric voltage regulator) TEDGZ, TESGZ series single and three-phase high-power electric column regulators are high-power column regulators developed and manufactured by our company in combination with market demand. New products to meet the needs of the majority of users. Column type electric voltage regulator has output voltage waveform without distortion (output voltage waveform distortion rate increme...

  • Electric pressure regulator

    Electric pressure regulator

    product manual: This product has waveform distortion, high efficiency, convenient and reliable use, and can be used in various instruments and instruments. It is widely used in electronics, metallurgy, motor, manufacturing, testing, metering, etc. is one A reliable AC electric voltage regulator. TEDGC2J series single-phase electric voltage regulator technical data:

  • Inductive voltage regulator

    Inductive voltage regulator

    First, product features and uses: TDA TSA high-pressure large-capacity induction voltage regulator is developed for the adjustment of national industrial structure and adapts to the market demand of large-scale, industrialized and intensive large-scale production. The product has large capacity, low loss and high efficiency. The voltage regulation waveform is good, the voltage regulation range is large, the contactless voltage regulation, and the long-term reliable operation. No need to go th...

  • Feeder regulator

    Feeder regulator

    Product introduction The SVR feeder automatic voltage regulator is a device that ensures the output voltage is stable by tracking the line voltage change and automatically adjusting the device body ratio. It can be at 30% The input voltage is automatically adjusted within the range, especially for lines with large voltage fluctuations or large voltage drops. This regulator is connected in series in 6kV, 10kV, 35kV lines. At the back end, the line voltage is adjusted within a certain range to ...

  • Magnetic regulator

    Magnetic regulator

  • Contact regulator

    Contact regulator

    Voltage Regulator – Product Overview (TDGC2. TSGC2.TDGC2J. TSGC2J Regulator) The regulator series is the 14th batch of energy-saving products for the electromechanical industry. In the fields of voltage regulation, temperature control, speed regulation, dimming, power control, etc. Very widely used Pan,The shape of TDGC2J and TSGC2J regulators are hexagonal and belong to the old type. The shape of TDGC2 and TSGC2 regulators are quadrangular and belong to new products. Voltage Regulator...