DC power supply

  • 0-30V DC adjustable power supply

    0-30V DC adjustable power supply

    Overview (HB1700 Series DC Stable Power Supply) The HB1700 series DC regulated power supply is a high-precision DC linear power supply with continuously adjustable voltage and current, automatic conversion of steady voltage and steady current. DC output voltage can be 0 volts continuously adjustable, stable and reliable. The output current is arbitrarily chosen, with limited current protection and long-term short-circuit protection. When the power supply is in the regulated state, the steady ...

  • DC pulse power supply

    DC pulse power supply

    Product introduction: This series of precision rectangular wave pulse power supplies uses modern latest power electronics and high-speed microprocessor (MPU) program control technology, as well as low-power linear pulses. Modulation technology, with excellent voltage and current output characteristics, output pulse current waveform is close to ideal rectangle, no overshoot, no backlash, no surge phenomenon, rising edge, down Good falling edge characteristics, low on/off interference, low outp...

  • 0-500V adjustable DC power supply

    0-500V adjustable DC power supply

    0-55V 0-1A 0-500V 600*275*450 0-2A 0-500V 600*275*450 0-3A 0-500V 600*275*450 0-5A 0-500V 600*275*450 0-10A 0-500V 600*275*450