Emergency backup UPS uninterruptible power supply

Short Description:

1.Peak protection: automatic protection when the peak value exceeds 40j/ms.

2.Input protection: when the input voltage is greater than or less than the rated input voltage range, open the fuse protection.

3.Short circuit protection:

when the power short circuit occurs, open the fuse protection; Openautomatic protection when inverter short circuit occurs.

Product Detail

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Product model:  MTUPS
Device type: off-line
Rated capacity: UPSVA/1800W 0.5~10KVA/300W~8KW
MTUPS input parameters voltage range: 160-280Vac, frequency 50/60hz
Stable output voltage:  220Vac±10%,frequency 50/60hz
AVR with voltage adjustment
Conversion time: < 10ms
MTUPS Protection function protection peak, 40j/ms input protection, fuse short circuit (power) fuse short circuit (inverter) automatic protection
MTUPS battery:  
Model:  sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery, capacity 2×12Vac or more(It depends on the market you need)
Recharge time:  8 hours
Protection:  automatic protection, can only charge, when the battery voltage is too low automatically shut down
Backup time (one PC) : 10-15 minutes (depending on actual load)
MTUPS buzzer: Battery power rings every 4 seconds, the machine is running in normal mode, the battery voltage is low, it rings once per second (the machine will automatically shut down) the battery consumption is weak, UPS will automatically shut down, overload UPS will automatically shut down
MTUPS indicator light: The green light of power supply is on, and the machine is running normally in the mode of power supply; Battery power red light: the power supply is abnormal, the machine is running in battery power mode
MTUPS Working state Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃;Relative humidity: 0~90% (no condensation),Noise: < 30dB (1 m away)
installing and after-service We will attach instructions to the product and provide video instructions for installation.

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