• Single, three – phase high – precision automatic AC regulator

    Single, three – phase high – precis...

    SVC series single-phase, three-phase stabilizer, contact the coupling voltage regulator, servo motor, automatic control circuit and so on, when the grid voltage instability or load change, automatic sampling control circuit sends a signal to drive servo motor, adjust the position of the self coupling voltage regulator for carbon brush adjusted to make the output voltage rating and reach the stable state. This series of voltage regulator is the ordinary type, has the utility direct function.Th...

  • Automatic compensation type power regulator

    Automatic compensation type power regulator

    SBW,DBW series single, three phase automatic compensation voltage regulator, is our company to introduce and absorb Western Europe’s advanced technology, combined with China’s national conditions, to stabilize the ac voltage and design.When the external power supply network voltage fluctuations or load changes caused by voltage fluctuations, it can automatically maintain the stability of output voltage. This series product compared with other forms of stabilizer has a large capaci...

  • Microcomputer contactless compensation type power regulator

    Microcomputer contactless compensation type pow...

    SJW-WB, DW-WB series single, three phase microcomputer contact-free compensation type power regulator, is the introduction of the international ac stabilized voltage source of the latest technology and according to the national conditions of China’s design of a new high-power AC stabilized voltage source.It sets the advanced combination winding compensation mode and contactless switch, microcomputer control AC voltage stabilizing technology in one, with high efficiency and energy saving...

  • Three-phase transformer for numerical control equipment

    Three-phase transformer for numerical control e...

  • jaangooyaha danab Electric

    jaangooyaha danab Electric

    TEDGZ, taxane TESGZ hal, saddex waji-awood sare nooca column jaangooyaha danab korontada, waa shirkad noo weheliso baahida suuqa si ay u horumariyaan design, wax soo saarka ee-awood sare nooca column danab jaangooyaha waxyaabaha cusub, si ay u daboolaan baahida inta badan users.The nooca column jaangooyaha danab korontada laha dhalanrog ee waveform danab wax soo saarka. nooca column jaangooyaha danab korontada ah ayaa ansixiyey hab hawlgalka korontada, kaas oo shaqeyn karaan in loop a xidhan at a a masaafo dheer ...

  • keydinta Energy (eber goob) transformer

    keydinta Energy (eber goob) transformer

    Single phase, three coherent type isolation transformer, is our company for many years using high quality materials and advanced technology and production, with moisture-proof, easy maintenance and other advantages, can go deep load center.Application: subway, high-rise buildings, airports, docks, stations, enterprises and tunnels and other power transmission and distribution places.

  • gurmad Emergency UPS korontada uninterruptible

    gurmad Emergency UPS korontada uninterruptible

    Product model: MTUPS Device type: off-line Rated capacity: UPSVA/1800W 0.5~10KVA/300W~8KW MTUPS input parameters voltage range: 160-280Vac, frequency 50/60hz Stable output voltage: 220Vac±10%,frequency 50/60hz AVR with voltage adjustment Conversion time: < 10ms MTUPS Protection function protection peak, 40j/ms input protection, fuse short circuit (power) fuse short circuit (inverter) automatic protection MTUPS battery: Model: sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery,...

  • MTSBK 3 wajiga qallalan nooca takooro xidho gariiradda naxaasta ka daahirane transformer la sanduuq bir ah

    MTSBK 3 wajiga qallalan nooca takooro copper co daahir ah ...

    Main features: 1. Input voltage: Rated voltage ±10% 2. Output voltage: Rated voltage +5% 3. The efficiency: 95% or higher 4. Waveform distortion: No additional waveform distortion 5. Features: With input voltage, output voltage, current and other indicators. 6. Protection: Over current protection 7. Long-term continuous unattended work. 8. Insulation resistance: Ω 50 m or higher 9. Electrical strength: Power frequency sinusoidal voltage 2000V lasted one minute without bre...

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