Three-phase transformer for numerical control equipment

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I company for many years with high quality materials and advanced technology specializing in the production of 160 va to 600 kva, three coherent transformer MTSSG series, is my company reference Siemens products the latest research and development of CNC system transformer, especially va – 16 160 kva between three coherent transformer, their appearance and installation dimensions have been standardized, with Siemens general 4 ap series, products comply with VDE0550, it, JB5555, GB226 and other international and national standards.MTSSG series three coherent transformers are widely used in various three-phase power supply applications with ac 5060Hz, input and output voltages not exceeding 500V.Product input, output voltage, connection group, adjust the number and position of tap.The distribution of winding capacity, the allocation of secondary single-phase winding, the application of rectifier circuit, whether to require a shell, etc., can be carefully designed and manufactured according to the requirements of users.

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